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The tyre pressure should be checked regularly preferably once a week and especially before partaking in a long journey. The tyre pressure can be checked by a tyre gauge and pumped by an electrical pump that can be accessed by various garages, the pressure that is required for your vehicle can be usually found on a tyre information label. Pressure is an importance as it will increase the life of your tyres, safe acceleration and increased grip of the road.


Tires can face damages such as bulges, bumps, cuts and tread wear this should usually be fixed by a tyre specialist to avoid further damage to the vehicle. The tyres should and can be replaced according to weather, distance and speed, the different tyres you can receive are radial ply, cross ply, winter and re-grooved. It is common to curb your wheels from parking, the curb and pot holes, this can cause problems such as air leakage and punctures. In this case it may be necessary to replace your wheels to improve the aesthetics from a wide range of chrome, two-tone and require custom colours to match the paint of your car, which may be a 4×4, smart-car or run-around.

Brakes are an essential part of the vehicle, so if damage of the breaks have occurred this should be dealt with instantly, otherwise you can be put in dangerous situations. There are symptoms you can be aware of to see if you require a repair. Firstly, noise, for instance if you hear the grinding of metal when using your brakes this indicates that your pads are becoming thin, meaning you need a substitute.


Additionally, if your vehicle veers in a different direction when using the breaks or jerks this shows either uneven wear of breaks, faults in the wheel cylinder or brake fluid pollutant. The most dangerous occurrence is when the brake system is leaking, if this happens the brakes become easy to engage which could also mean there is air in the brake lines. Furthermore, vibrating pedals usually means your rotor has a problem, the rotor is an importance as it what allows the brake pad to create friction to slow down the vehicle and of course your anti-lock braking system dashboard light will illuminate if your brakes have a problem. The cost of a brake repair is dependent on the vehicle’s year of release and amount of damage.

Belts and hoses are a staple as it gives the engine functionality such as cooling, charging and air conditioning. The flexible rubber material that hoses incorporate has various benefits such as shock absorption to limit vibration that a driver may face when driving. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular check-ups of the belts and hoses.


To maintain functionality of the engine and avoid an occurrence of the belts and hoses to become dry and fragile. For instance, if the timing belt fails the engine will no longer work and lead to permanent damage. The timing belt enables the crankshaft to turn the camshaft, which allows the valves to be in sync with the engine pistons, on a guideline basis this type of belt can last to 100,000 miles. Additionally, serpentine belts capability manipulates power steering, cooling fan and air conditioning that lasts up to 50,000 miles. The serpentine belt has worn out when your engine overheats, steering is difficult and limitation of reproducing cooler air. The hoses also have a huge importance as it links with heating, fuel lines, steering and has a duration of 50,000 miles, for signs of breakage of the hoses look for dryness and cracks.

The engine diagnostics test is a popular service we have on offer at BMW services Manchester. An engine diagnostics test is capable of detecting any problems within your car before they escalate. The engine diagnostics test will reveal problems in the car’s engine, exhaust system, brakes and other major components.


One of the main benefits of the diagnostic tests is that it able to detect a problem before it causes a breakdown therefore people tend to get a test carried out on their vehicle when they hear an unusual sound, spot a defect or when the vehicle feels different to usual. Once your test has been completed any problems detected within your vehicle can be solved by our trusted technician’s.

A oil change is essential for maximum efficiency of your vehicle, it is responsible for the lubrication of the working component’s that make up the vehicles engine. Sufficient amount of oil will reduce the amount of friction between the components. A lack of engine oil in your vehicles system will lead to serious consequences, the main one being engine failure resulting in a breakdown.


Low amounts of oil will cause your engine to grind which will seize up your engine resulting in the vehicle stalling. Furthermore, the oil also acts as a cooler for your engine as it circulates through your engine systems while absorbing other harmful debris and particles created during the combustion process. Dirty oil can also be harmful to your vehicles engine therefore frequently getting your oil checked is key to prolonging your cars performance and life.

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