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BMW services are the leading third-party advertising company for BMW services in Manchester. All of the garages we use have been handpicked by us after our in-depth interviewing process, this is to assure we provide the best service.


Start today by filling in the enquiry form or picking up the phone and calling a member of our team. We will begin your application process within 24 hours and have an option of several garages for you to choose one.


We can certify that all garages used by BMW services will be using OE quality parts with a 12 month guarantee on the parts and labour. OE quality parts come from the brand, BMW themselves.

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    Car information

    The BMW 7 series is a full-size luxury sedan and is claimed to be the ‘’flagship’’ of BMW vehicles. The fasted 7 series model is the M7 with a V8 engine with an incredible 610 bhp, the price on a brand-new model of the M7 model is £136,000. The 7 series collection comes with 5 seats and 4 doors with petrol and diesel models available.

    Guidelines and quality standards

    The European law called block exemption is a law to protect your vehicles warranty. This allows all of our independent and reputable garages to service your car and keep your warranty valid. They simply use OE quality parts provided by BMW with a 12-month guarantee. The garage operators will stamp your BMW service book to show your BMWs warranty hasn’t been affected.

    Here at BMW Manchester services, we are providing you with garages, there is no problem to not utilise one of our options, the decision is yours. We are a third-party advertising company for the garages you see on our website. Once you have selected your chosen garage and gave your details, we will begin talks with our garage operators to find the best availability for you.