Full Service

A full service should be completed on your vehicle every year. The full service consists of your oil, oil filters and air filters being changed along with a host of other visuals to ensure your vehicle is not developing any serious problems that will lead to breakdowns or expensive repairs.  The vehicles full service will also check the hydraulic fluid and coolant levels along with the operations of the brakes and steering to ensure maximum performance. We take pride in offering premium services to ensure your vehicle stays in peak condition.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many checks will my full service include?

    More checks than an interim service, 67 in depth checks will be completed on a full service.

    How do I know if I need a full service?

    If you have completed 12,000 miles or your vehicle has not had a full service for 12months we advise for you to complete a full service on your vehicle.

    How much does a full-service cost?

    Dependant on the garage you choose to utilise a full service can range from £180 to £300